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Wednesday, March 7, 2018 News

Apitope Strengthens Board with Senior Appointment Dr William Jenkins appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director Recent board roles include Ablynx, BTG, Evotec

Apitope, a clinical stage biotech company developing potential first-in-class antigen-specific immunotherapies targeting autoimmune diseases, today announced the appointment of William Jenkins, M.D., as Independent Non-Executive Director to its Board. Dr Jenkins has a wealth of pharmaceutical industry experience following a 30 year career in clinical medicine and research, and having served on several boards including Ablynx, BTG, Tanox, Evotec, Acambis and Consort Medical, and as chairman or member of several scientific advisory boards.

Commenting on the appointment, Stéphane Verdood, Chairman of the Board of Apitope, said:
“We are very pleased to welcome William to Apitope’s Board of Directors. William’s extensive drug development expertise is a valuable addition as we seek to advance development of our potential first in class antigen-specific treatments targeted at autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and Graves’ disease. William has advised companies through various stages of growth to maturity and in demanding situations. I know he will provide further strength and depth to the Apitope Board.

Dr William Jenkins, Independent Non-Executive Director of Apitope, added:
“Autoimmune diseases affect a large and growing number of people, and can have extremely debilitating effects on their lives. I am excited by the potential of Apitope’s therapies and the impact they could make to patients around the world. I look forward to contributing to the Company’s advancement of these promising product candidates.”

Dr Jenkins has a wealth of pharmaceutical industry experience following a 30 year career in clinical medicine and research,. He has held senior posts at Glaxo as Head of Worldwide Clinical Research and at Ciba-Geigy and then Novartis as Global Head of Medicine, Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs. During that time he was responsible for the development of drugs such as Zofran, Imigran, Serevent, Diovan & Gleevec. Since 1999, Dr Jenkins has been a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and a member of several boards including Ablynx, BTG, Tanox, Monogram Biosciences, Eurand, Evotec, Acambis and Consort Medical, as well as a chairman or member of several scientific advisory boards.

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Notes to Editors
Apitope is a clinical stage biotech company that develops potential first-in-class antigen-specific immunotherapies targeting autoimmune diseases. Apitope uses its novel, proprietary discovery platform to select and develop highly specific peptide-based therapeutics, known as "apitopes®" (antigen processing independent epitopes), that directly target the immunological basis of autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS), Graves’ disease and uveitis, as well as undesired immune responses against biologic therapeutics used in the treatment of life-threatening disorders such as haemophilia A.
While current therapies for autoimmune diseases typically have the effect of suppressing the immune system, apitopes® modulate only the malfunctioning part of the immune system in order to avoid such global immune suppression. The apitope® mechanism of action and platform have the broad potential to treat a wide variety of autoimmune diseases. Apitope has a robust pipeline of innovative, potential first-in-class product candidates in clinical and pre-clinical development. Apitope’s lead product candidate ATX-MS-1467 is in development for the treatment of MS, and is ready to start a Phase IIb clinical trial.
Apitope was founded in 2002 by Professor David Wraith, as a spin-out from the University of Bristol. It is based in Diepenbeek, Belgium, which is home to Apitope's research and finance activities, and Chepstow, United Kingdom, where Apitope's development and commercialisation activities are located. For more information please visit:

Autoimmune diseases
An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system mounts an undesired response to an innocuous self-antigen and attacks healthy tissues in the body. Autoimmune diseases are typically treated with therapies that globally suppress the immune system. Such therapies address the symptoms of the disease, not the cause, and increase the risk to life-threatening infections, cancers and other immune complications.

There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases[1] including MS, Graves' disease, and uveitis. Up to 50 million people are suffering from autoimmune disease in the U.S. alone[2], where it is one of the leading causes of death in women in all age groups up to 65[3].
Treatments for autoimmune diseases represent a large and active industry that has been gaining momentum, with five out of ten best selling drugs in 2016 targeting autoimmune diseases[4].

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