Picking the best investments is key to building a successful and profitable portfolio. We profit from a large and yet focused, high quality deal flow in our focus areas.

Throughout our considerable international careers, we have built many relevant relationships in the life science and nutrition industry. These include world class scientific and clinical experts at universities and research institutes as well as successful business leaders and executives from large pharma and medium-size biotech corporations.

Through this network, we have developed relationships with a number of top-research institutes (“Centres of Excellence”). The Centres will provide deal flow and the right to review major R&D programs on a bi-yearly basis. The partners will work with the Centres’ technology transfer departments in order to assist the spin-off process. Moreover, we have a partnership agreement with a number of Centres of Excellence, on a non-exclusive basis, with the purpose to foster the spin-off process from its inception and, if all criteria are met to invest, to pro-actively coach and act as a lead- or a co-lead investor in the spin-off company.

Members of the network include among others the VIB (the Flanders Life Sciences Research Institute performing basic research with a strong focus of translating scientific results into novel pharmaceutical applications) and Fraunhofer (Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization)